*Subject to change

Thursday, February 15, 2018 – Seminar

AMS Student Nest, Room 2314 (6133 University Blvd)

9:00am-9:10am: Opening Remarks

9:10am-10:40am: Panel 1: Accountability and Transparency

  • Moderator: Jennette Chalcraft
  • Panelists: Elizabeth Shaffer, Vincent Gogolek, Kristina Lillico, Jim Suderman, Jason R. Baron

10:45am-11:00am: Break

11:00am-12:30pm: Panel 2: The Right to be Forgotten vs. The Duty to Remember

  • Moderator: Alex Alisauskas
  • Panelists: Pierluigi Feliciati, Elizabeth Shaffer, Melissa Adams, Rand Jimerson, Stuart Rennie

12:30pm-1:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm-3:00pm: Panel 3: Security vs. Accessibility

  • Moderator: Isabel Melendez
  • Panelists: Jean-François Blanchette, Stuart Rennie, Elaine Goh, Jim Suderman, Jay Fedorak

3:05pm-3:20pm: Break

3:20pm-4:50pm: Panel 4: Documenting Society and Ethics

  • Moderator: Georg Gänser
  • Panelists: Rand Jimerson, Vincent Gogolek, Kristina Lillico, Melissa Adams, Jason R. Baron

4:50pm-5:00pm: Wrap-up; Brief closing comments

Friday, February 16, 2018 – Symposium

Frederic Wood Theatre (6354 Crescent Rd.)

8:15am-9:15am: Registration

9:15am-9:20am: Welcome Remarks

9:20am-9:30am: Opening Remarks, Luanne Freund

9:30am-9:45am: Opening Remarks, Andrew Szeri

9:50am-10:15am: Jim Suderman, “Uncertain Access: Evolving Imperatives for Accessing Information

10:20am-10:45am: Stuart Rennie, “Prove it or Lose it: Content and Context in a Digital Age

10:50am-11:05am: Break

11:10am-11:35am: Pierluigi Feliciati, “The rights to be accessed. The EU Data Protection regulations and its implications on records management

11:40am-12:05pm: Sam-chin Li, “Disappearing government information: stewardship in a digital age

12:10pm-12:35pm: Jay Fedorak, “Information Management, Technology and the Future of Democratic Accountability

12:35pm-1:35pm: Lunch

1:40pm-2:05pm: Vincent Gogolek, “Why Can’t Johnny Write?

2:10pm-2:35pm: Kristina Lillico, “Balancing Access and Privacy – Challenges, Opportunities, and Responsibilities

2:40pm-3:05pm: Jason R. Baron, “The Looming Barrier: Strategies for Isolating Sensitive Content in the Digital Archives to Enable Greater Access to The Historical Record

3:10pm-3:25pm: Break

3:30pm-3:55pm: Jean-François Blanchette, “Document theory and archival ethics: the case of bodycam footage

4:00pm-4:25pm: Rand Jimerson, “Access as a Core Value of Archivists: Possibilities and Limitations

4:30-4:40pm: Wrap-up

4:45pm: Closing remarks, Luciana Duranti