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In accordance with the Association of Canadian Archivists Guidelines for Student Chapters, the mission of the ACA@UBC is to:

a. Serve as a means of introducing new archivists into the profession;
b. Enhance the educational function by providing an additional focus for the students to discuss archival issues, identify with the profession, and engage in professional activities;
c. Promote communication among student members and between students;
d. Provide a communication channel for its members with the general membership of the Association and to the Board on matters of concern to the Chapter;
e. Develop the leaders of tomorrow’s archival profession; and
f. Attract new members into the Association.

2017-2018 Executive

Co-coordinator: Emily Larson

Emily is a second year Dual MAS/MLIS student from Vancouver, BC. She completed a BA in English at the University of British Columbia. Her interests include knitting, reading, and finding the best chocolate in the city.

Co-coordinator: Kathryn Louro

Kathryn is in her last year of the MAS program, and holds a BA in English and History from UNBC. Her interests include community archives, arrangement and description, and truth and reconciliation. In her spare time she enjoys videogames, drawing, and reading in the park.

Secretary: Andréa Tarnawsky

Andréa is a third-year Dual MAS/MLIS student from Edmonton, AB. She completed her Bachelor of Music in Music History from the University of Alberta and plays clarinet. Her interests include university and corporate archives, post-bop jazz, and funky patterned pants.

Secretary: Alanna Blackall

Alanna is in the first year of the MLIS program. She previously completed degrees in Classics and Medieval British Literature. She is interested in reader-text interaction (both physical and digital), digital licensing, and data management plans. She also enjoys yoga, cooking, baking, and exploring used bookstores.

Co-Treasurer: Rebekah Taylor

Becky is a third year MAS/LIS student from Port Alberni, BC and holds a BA in Canadian History from Vancouver Island University. She is interested in Canadian heritage, business and art archives, but would drop everything if Marvel would just call her back.

Co-Treasurer: Jennette Chalcraft

Jennette is in the third year of the Dual MLIS/MAS program. Originally from a small village in England, she has resided in the Lower Mainland since 2001. When not contemplating archival, records or information management matters, she enjoys cooking, baking, reading mystery novels, and befriending any dog in the vicinity.

Publicity: Georg Gänser

Georg is a first year MAS student from Europe. He studied History and Archival Science in Vienna and worked as an Archivist before. His interests include records management and appraisal theories, as well as reading, skiing and cooking.

Publicity: Sasha Duranseaud

Sasha Duranseaud is a first year MAS student and is originally from Paris, France. They have a BA in history from UBC. Their interests include community archives, pizza, cats, and the ocean.

Events: Kristina McGuirk

In her third year of the Dual MAS/MLIS program, Kristina has a communications background including journalism and English degrees. Her interests this semester include James Bond, special libraries, and keeping everyone caffeinated at ACA events.

Events: Alex Neijens

Alex is in her second year of the Dual MAS/MLIS program. Though she is originally from Brussels, Belgium, she has been living in Vancouver since 2001. She has a BA in History from Queen’s with a minor in French and Spanish. Her interests include sailing, crocheting, and drinking tea.

Events: Eloise Underwood

Eloise Underwood is a first-year MAS student, and previously completed her BS in Arts Management with a Specialization in Anthropology and a Minor in Italian at Indiana University. She has lived throughout the United States for most of her life, as well as Italy and New Zealand briefly. In her free time she enjoys collecting vintage cookbooks, knitting, Italian film and playing the ukulele.

Events: Emily Guthrie

Emily Guthrie is a first-year Master of Archival Studies student with a particular interest in personal archives and archives and social justice. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, she received her Bachelor of Music Degree from MacEwan University before moving to Vancouver. Guthrie is a passionate vegan and feminist, and loves watching historical TV dramas in her free time.

Communications: Andrea Shaffer

Andrea is a second year MAS Student from New York, USA. She previously completed a BA in History from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Her interests include records management, and information governance.

Website/Wordpress: Karen Ng

Karen is in her first year of the dual MAS/MLIS program and has a BA in English (Hons.) and Medieval Studies from UBC. She occasionally dabbles in book arts, martial arts, and piano.

Graphic Design: Devon Mordell

Devon Mordell is in her second year of the MAS program and is currently appreciating Vancouver’s more temperate winters to those in her adopted hometown of Hamilton, ON. She is interested in personal archives, digital archives and particularly personal digital archives.

First Year Representative: Alex Alisauskas

Alex Alisauskas is an MAS/MLIS student at UBC pursuing the First Nations Curriculum Concentration. Prior to coming to SLAIS, she was an arts writer, researcher, and educator.

First Year Representative: Isabel Melendez

Isabel is a first-year MAS program from Los Angeles, CA. She has a BA in history from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Her interests are drinking tea, playing board games, crocheting, and baking sweets.

ARMA Co-Representative: Georg Gänser

ARMA Co-Representative: Trang Dang

Trang is a second year Dual MASLIS student from Vietnam, and holds a Bachelor of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, Australia. Her interests include a good cup of coffee, mystery books and movies, jazz/soul, Asian cuisine, and data management.

AABC Representative: Dylan Bremner

Dylan is a first year MAS student from Edmonton, AB and holds a History degree from MacEwan University. His interests include municipal archives, David Bowie, and the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.

MLIS Representative: Abi Sebaly

Abi is a first-year dual MAS/MLIS student. She has an MA in the Humanities from the University of Chicago, and a BA in English and BFA in Dance from the University of Michigan. She likes to hike and climb mountains, as well as seek out new sources for arepas in Vancouver.

Past Coordinator: Michelle Spelay and Andréa Tarnawsky

Faculty Advisor: Luciana Duranti